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At Advanced Gloves, we engineered a new technology in order to create the best nitrile-foam coated glove available. Our P-200 series general work gloves were designed to excel in the majority of all work situations making them the go-to glove for numerous different industries, including:








Postal Services

And much more 

Our rubber-coating technology ensures a comfortable fit and everlasting durability, allowing for workers to handle their products with precision and care for an extended period of time.

Along with the general work gloves, our nitrile-foam coating was also applied to the finest cut-resistant material we could source. The resulting products were the P-200 cut-resistant series of work gloves. Not only do these gloves meet the highest standard for cut-resistance, they also maintain the excellent fit and durability of its general work counterparts. 

High Quality leather Gloves

Along with providing some of the best nitrile-foam coated gloves available, we also manufacturer leather gloves using the finest leather we can source. With high-quality stitching and material, we provide our customers and clients with leather mechanics gloves, premium cowhide drivers, and motorcycle gloves that stand the test of time.

The NiTex P-200 General Work Gloves

The NiTex P-200 Cut-Resistant Gloves

Leather / Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

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If you're a retailer, wholesaler or distributor and are considering bringing in new gloves, please reach out to see if you qualify for glove samples. Whether you are looking for leather gloves, cut-resistant gloves, nitrile-foam coated gloves or need to fabricate a specialized pair just for your industry, give us a call at 385-259-0189. Along with quoting you our pricing, we'll send or make samples for you.

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