NiTex Series

The NiTex series of rubber coated gloves are an assortment of liners coupled with our patented water-based micro foam nitrile coating. This series includes general work, touch screen, and cut-resistant gloves.

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  • P-200 General Work Gloves

    Using a durable nylon liner, the NiTex P-200 general work glove is made to withstand most general work tasks while wicking away moisture from the hand.

  • Cut-Resistant

    Our cut-resistant gloves are rated on both CE and ANSI scales with cut-resistant materials ranging from general HPPE to tungsten steel infused fibers.

  • Touch Screen

    Although our gloves' unique rubber coating allows for some touch screen usage, these gloves are made with smart touch fibers woven into the fabric ensuring limitless touch screen possibilities.

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